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With a skilled production workforce in short supply, manufacturing industries and others are stepping up and collaborating with training partners to develop curriculums that meet their needs.
At QA Consult we believe that a skilled workforce is the backbone to any flourishing economy and a shortage of same leads to a malnourished economy.
QA Consult believes that companies’ need to actively participate in the development and training of skilled production workers in order to innovate and grow. We offer practical problem-solving oriented training rather than a barrage of theory!.

We help companies upgrade the skill of their human capital to achieve the objective of delivering value to consumers through brands with impeccable quality.

There are four main areas of interest to the organisation’s corporate objective with respect to training and this has a foothold in all the sectors we operate; manufacturing, hospitality and services.
Embedding Quality and Food Safety:

Quality is key and hence giving practical solutions to businesses for the implementation of sound quality management systems is of paramount importance. For the food sector, food safety cannot be overlooked. In fact food poisoning is one major issue confronting food businesses and hence training food companies including food packaging companies does have a positive impact on consumer safety. QA consult has the expertise to build the capacity of food companies to achieve the objectives above.

Care for the Environment:
It has become critical for manufacturing companies to reduce their environmental footprint, a necessary action to support the climate action (SDG GOAL 13). The role of QA Consult in this direction is the development of cutting-edge training modules that seeks to make change agents out of employees with regard to environmental care. We support businesses with environmental management plans which satisfies all the acts related to the EPA leading to the issuance of  environmental permits.
Employee Safety and Health:

The health and safety of employees is of utmost concern to any business owner. Any breach of health and safety protocols in an organisation could lead to first aid cases, medically treated cases, lost time accidents and fatality at the worse. Our approach to training on health and safety takes into consideration the practical ways possible to mitigate the above likely cases through knowledge in risk assessments and employees taking responsibility for their safety.

Regulatory practice:
It is commonplace that no business can survive without following laid down standards, be it national or international. The regulatory framework in any country supports standards development and compliance to same. At QA Consult we support the compliance strategy for businesses in the manufacturing sector especially by helping them engage the regulatory agencies such as the FDA, GSA and EPA. Our training on regulatory laws such as the Public Health Act, (2012), ACT 851 is thorough and interlaced with practical scenarios to drive understanding.
Working with QA Consult is wonderful. They are professional, knowledgeable and are able to shorten lead times for registration which translates into faster trade shipments and launches which equals more sales and profits. I could not have asked for a much better partner. Thank you!
Basil Y. Ampofo

Regulatory Affairs, Unilever

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