Food Safety


The following are some of the courses we take our trainees through. Each course is rooted in practical experiences. This is to ensure that, trainees go back to their establishments with both theoretical and practical knowledge on each subject. We place a lot of emphasis on practical knowledge and making it relevant to your operations. The incidence of food poisoning cannot be underestimated. Measures to curb this would certainly come through training and implementation of such knowledge to ensure food served, is first safe and secondly of good quality. Apart from the cooking process, the environment within which food is prepared must be kept under strict hygienic conditions as a prerequisite.

The following courses and others would prepare each participant adequately to be a food safety agent .

    Introduction to Food Safety
    Introduction to Microbiology
    Food Contamination & Control
    Food Poisoning
    Foodborne Diseases
    Personal Hygiene & Training,
    Food Hazards from Purchasing to Serving
    Food Spoilage & Preservation
    Design & Construction of Food Premises and Equipment
    Cleaning & Disinfection,
    Integrated Pest Management,
    Food Safety Legislation.