Manufacturing Hygeine


Process equipment can be responsible for food poisoning incidents. There are growing concerns that much of the food equipment used in many food industry segments is not of appropriate hygienic design to ensure continuous cleanability and durability, primarily due to the lack of adequate food equipment standards for these industry segments. Although there are few more advocates on food safety, the stress has usually been on the food vehicle, but this may not adequately deal with the problem. Our concern is that a chunk of the issue lies in the inadequate equipment hygienic design standards, and this must be stressed. This training places emphasis on the importance and general principles of hygienic design, examine current challenges with regard to their emphasis on food equipment and stress the importance of effective and appropriate hygienic design standards.

The following courses and others would prepare each participant audit the type of equipment they use and eliminate unhygienic designs to safeguard food safety.

Introduction to Foods Manufacturing hygiene
    Introduction to Hygienic Design
    Principles of Equipment Design for Ready-to-Eat Processing Operations
    Introduction to Microbiology
    Snapshots in Sanitary Equipment: Developing an Eye for Hygiene
    Using Sanitary Design to Avoid HACCP Hazards and Allergen Contamination
    Materials of Construction
    Processing and Foodservice Equipment Standards
    Sanitary Design and Construction of Food Equipment
    Hygienic Design Criteria
    Food Factory Design
    Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID)
    Cleaning & Disinfection
    Heat Exchanger and Flowdiversion