Maame Esi Nkrumah (Research and Development Manager)

Maame Esi is currently an employee at QA Consult as the Research and Development Manager.

Name:             Maame Esi Nkrumah

Profession:       Food Scientist

Qualification:    BSc. Nutrition and Food Science

Esi is a dependable individual who had her National Service stint with Nestle Ghana Ltd, working with the Application Group (working with R&D) to come up with the right product recipes. She further has an industrial experience with Pioneer Food Cannery Ltd where she had a broad overview and working knowledge of the fish cannery process. She also had the opportunity to work with the production team at West African Mills (WAMCO) for about 2 months as an intern. Working in these manufacturing companies offered her the opportunity to gather experiences in R&D principles, Quality Assurance and Production processes. In addition she’s gathered the requisite knowledge on Team management, Good Manufacturing Practices, Food Hygiene, and the various processes involved in achieving quality products.

An academic research project for her undergraduate final year thesis and a research attachment with a team from University of Development Studies, Wageningen University and Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research gave her vital experience in Data Collection and Data Analysis.

Current Job

Research and Development Manager at QA Consult.