Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points is a scientific documented system for identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards that are significant for food safety. This is a food safety tool that is very important to the food industry and has also been adopted by the cosmetic industry since microbiological hazards, physical hazards and chemical hazards are also real in such an environment. Any Food business that adopts a HACCP approach has better control over food hazards and prevents food poisoning and foodborne illnesses. We ensure participants understand HACCP to get it operational in their establishments. We also ensure that prerequisite programmes are also understood, to serve as pillars for the HACCP programme.

The following courses and others would prepare each participant adequately implement HACCP.

HACCP Course Introduction
    An Introduction to HACCP
    Framework for the Implementation of HACCP
    Undertaking Hazard Analysis
    Flow Diagram and Food Room Layout
    Risk Assessment (Risk and Severity)
    Control Measures
    Critical Control Points
    Critical Limits, Target Levels and Tolerances
    Corrective Actions
    Practical HACCP Development (Operational HACCP)