The successful start to the business year would include a microscopic look at the events of the past year. This is important because, some happenings in the business should not be repeated due to the consequences that may arise if they did. In this wise, it will not be out of place to share most portions of an article I wrote same time last year for emphasis and the fact that it is timeless.

It is true that, confronting the past can be draining especially if things went wrong, but the pros of reviewing the past far outweighs the cons. Manufacturing businesses may go through a great deal of challenges ranging from product recalls, product defects, equipment breakdown, supplier deficiencies and many others. A careful review of the overall quality, food safety, environmental and safety management systems in a particular year gives a business a cause to improve on successes and also put resources behind activities that did not go too well. The following is the core of that article for your information and action.