Johnson Opoku Boateng (Chief Executive Officer)

Johnson Opoku Boateng has spent eleven and a half years of his working life in Unilever Ghana Ltd and has worked as Factory Hygienist/ISO Scientist and QA Manager with Regulatory Affairs responsibility in the QA department.

He’s a trained Quality Auditor and has audited several Unilever companies across Africa and the Middle East.

In 2009 he was appointed the Production Manager for the Foods business and subsequently to Procurement operations where he worked for almost 3 years.


Johnson also worked as R&D Manager for Unilever West Africa for a little over 3 years.


Areas of Expertise

Quality Assurance
R&D Principles
Regulatory Affairs
SHEQ Audits . Manufacturing Hygiene . QMS
Catering Facility Audits
Food Safety/HACCP
Personal Hygiene
Production Mgt.

As a Unilever approved Quality & Consumer Safety Auditor and OH&S certified Auditor;

He audited in Quality Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety across various Unilever sites including,

Unilever Iran – Personal Care and Tea factories (Quality and OH&S Audit)
Unilever Bahrain – Distribution operations (Quality and OH&S Audit)
Unilever Oman – Distribution and 3P Operations (Quality and OH&S Audit)
Unilever Gulf FZE – Jebel Ali Tea Factory (Quality and OH&S Audit)
Unilever Nigeria PLC – Personal Care, Foods, Home Care (Powders) Quality & Consumer Safety Audit)
Unilever Cote d’Ivoire – Foods, Personal Care and Home Care (Soap bars and powders) (Quality & Consumer Safety Audit)
Unilever Kenya – Foods, Personal Care and Home Care (Soap bars and powders) (Occupational Health & Safety Audit)
Unilever Saudi Arabia (Quality & Consumer Safety Audit)

He was in charge of the following audits as a Quality Manager in Unilever

Foods 3P manufacturing audits
Home Care 3P manufacturing audits
Raw Materials Supplier audits
Packaging Materials Supplier audits

Unilever Internal Audit and training programs he covered were as follows;

Unilever Ghana Hygiene audits
Unilever Ghana Warehouse audits
Unilever Ghana Catering facility audits
Quality Policy Training
Integral Quality Management training for total site including the plantations (BOPP & TOPP)
Key Distributor Warehouse Audits and Training.